Instructions for Tracking Settings - New UAC

Here is the instruction to create a new UAC campaign introduced on 15th November 2017.

You are supposed to complete the following steps to start a new UAC campaign:

  1. Update your Google AdWords account
  2. Register the app to Google AdWords and create a "Link ID"
  3. Inform us of the Link ID you created
  4. Import the event to be tracked on the Google AdWords UI after we complete the integration
  5. The new Google AdWords (UAC) tracking is started



  • Only one Link ID per app is required. Share the Link ID with another AdWords account if multiple accounts run the app promotion
  • If you share the Link ID with another account, the details of the promotion are NOT exposed to the account
  • Inform us that you share the Link ID with another AdWords account as we need the Link ID to integrate
  • Import the tracking event on the account where the Link ID is created/the account run the promotion in case of multi-account


■Create Link ID

1. Click "Linked accounts" on the top-right menu.


2. Select "Third-party app analytics".


3. Click "Create Link ID" and go to next page.


4. Fill in the followings to create a new link to your provider.

    App analytics provider: Kochava

    Your mobile app's platform: The OS of the app to be promoted by new UAC

    The desired app: Enter your app name or package name and choose the app


5. The Link ID is created by clicking the "CREATE LINK ID" button after choosing the app to be promoted.

    *Inform us of the Link ID you created


6. The created Link IDs are listed.
    Click the "Options" button if Ad agencies promote your app


7. Multiple accounts can run the promotion by sharing the created Link ID with their AdWords accounts.


8. Enter customer ID to share the Link ID and make the Link ID available for their Google AdWords account.


*It should be Account Manager.

Please go to the following steps after the integration with the Link ID is completed on our side.


■Event Import

1. Settings for new UAC

    The kind of conversions you want to track: App

    How to track your app conversions: Third-party-app analytics


2. Events are displayed on this page after completing the integration with the Link ID and reflected in Google AdWords. Choose the event and click the "IMPORT AND CONTINUE" button.

Usually, check a "first_open" event and perform the import.



■Start the new Google AdWords (UAC) tracking

Select "Universal App" from campaign types and start a new campaign.



All steps are completed.

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