Certificate format to be registered

The following preparations for Android / iOS are needed to use Push function.


< Android >

You need to set up the following processes in Firebase Console.

1) Register a new Android app in Firebase

2) Open "CLOUD MESSAGING" tab in "Project settings"

3) Retrieve "Server key" and "Sender ID"

4) Register the "Server key" in Metaps Analytics dashboard



< iOS >

The following settings are needed in iOS Dev Center.

1) Enable "Push Notifications" in iOS Dev Center.

 *Update of Provisioning Profiles is needed.

2) Issue an Apple certificate (p12 format) used for Push notifications.

3) Set the issued certificate (p12 format) in Analytics.


< Notice >

Regarding certificate (p12 format) retrieved from iOS Dev Center, expiration period is a year. Update is necessary before expiration. 

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