Issue a conversion ID/label

Here is the instructions from postback settings to tracking settings for each network of GoogleAdWords (GDN, Google Search, TrueView and UAC). This is the recommended procedures but you can do the tracking settings for each campaign first.

1. Issue a conversion ID/label.

2. Do postback settings.

3. Do tracking settings for each campaign.

Here is the step (1) to issue a conversion ID/label.


- Conversion tracking settings

1. Click "Tools" on the upper navigation > select "Conversions".

2. Click "+CONVERSION".

3. Select "App" as the source of the conversions you'd like to track.

4. Select "First opens and in-app actions" in App conversions > Select the OS > Click "Continue" after selecting "App installs (first-open)".

5. Enter the name > Select "Don't assign a value to this install" in values section > Set the app > Click "Save and continue".

6. Copy the conversion ID/label in "Set up a server to server conversion feed from an app analytics package to Adwords" section.

7. Let us know the copied conversion ID/label. (We have to do some settings for the integration)


The next step is "2. Do postback settings" after completing the above.

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