[ Reports ] Data Export

On “Manage > External Output > Data export” page, counted values in accordance with set conditions can be downloaded.

 [ Data export/LIST ]

Created Data Exports are listed. Download is available when Status is showing Success. An email will be sent to an address of created account after the extracted data is made.

An icon to operate will be displayed on the right side of the line with mouseover. Download, Details, Copy (with creating a new one) and Delete can be selected.

 [ New data export ]


The following extraction conditions can be set.

○Install Period
Choose the period that the target users installed your app in.

○Sales Period
Choose the period that the target users purchased in.

Select OS that you want to extract data.

Use groups to target users who installed your app from a group of campaigns.

Select campaigns that the target users installed your app from.


Exporting file format can be selected.

Select the items you want to export on the left side. Perform drag and drop to decide the order on the right side.

Find definitions of terms such as Install Period here.

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