Debug Functions

By using debug functions, operation logs for each setting (ex. installs, events and revenue) can be checked after SDK integration.

1) Device Registration
Register advertising IDs (iOS: IDFA / Android: Google Advertising ID ) of a testing device. Debug logs are output for the device by registering the IDs.

2) Status
Debug logs are output only when the registered device is valid.
Status will be invalid 30 minutes after changing to valid. Perform debug after checking status.

3) App Operation
Use the registered device to operate the app. Operations to output logs are the following. Check if logs are displayed on dashboard after the following operation.
- Install
- Launch
- Purchase
- Event
- Spend


4) Displayed Logs Information
Logs are output like below.


*Event Names
The event names are displayed.
install: Install
start: Launch
stop: Close
purchase: Purchase
event: Event
spend: Spend


*Events / Spend Data
The following is displayed on event/spend logs. Check if information sent from the app is correct.
- Information sent to event data column (ex. Category Name, Event Name)

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