How to see ROAS (Return on advertising spend)

Cost per a day should be entered on the following ROAS page in order to see the ROAS. ROAS in the specified period will be displayed by entering the costs.

Select [ Reports > Custom KPI > ROAS ] on menu.


< How to enter costs >

- Enter costs through dashboard directly

1) Click "Networks" or "Campaigns" tab on ROAS page.

2) Click a "Edit" icon on "Cost" for the desired campaign.

3) Cost entry fields will be displayed for each day in the specified period.  Enter the costs spent on the targeted day and save them. ROAS will be calculated automatically. (ROAS = Sales ÷ cost × 100)

- Enter costs through CSV by bulk

1) Click a "Bulk Registration Cost" button on ROAS page.

2) Click the displayed "Download CSV" button.

3) Edit the cost entry fields on the downloaded CSV file and upload the file.

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