What kind of user types are there?

"ADMINISTRATOR" and "STAFF" are the user types to be registered.

Privileges Comparison Table            
User Management User privileges for each app Registering/Editing new users Seeing reports Registering
Editing app privileges for other staff users Adding agent
 users/Editing the reading privileges
Administrator -
Staff Owner ×
  Member × × ×
  Prohibited × × × × × 

- User Management

Select "Administrator" or "Staff" when registering new users.


Administrator: Can check/edit all apps/sites linked to the account. Can register/edit new users.


Staff: Can check/edit the apps/sites linked to the account within the range of authorized acts mentioned below.

Privileges to check/edit for each app can be set when "Staff" is selected for users to be registered.

User privileges for each app are the following.

  Owner: For the specified apps, owners can see reports, create campaigns, edit app privileges of other staff users, add agency users and edit the reading privileges.

Member: Members can see reports and create campaigns for the specified apps.


Prohibited: Cannot see the specified apps/sites or create any campaigns.


User privileges for each app is "Owner" in case of Administrators. This cannot be changed.

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