What kind of user types are there?

"ADMINISTRATOR" and "STAFF" are the user types to be registered.


- User Management

Select "Administrator" or "Staff" when registering new users.


Administrator: Can check/edit all apps/sites linked to the account. Can register/edit new users.


Staff: Can check/edit the apps/sites linked to the account within the range of authorized acts mentioned below.

Privileges to check/edit for each app can be set when "Staff" is selected for users to be registered.

User privileges for each app are the following.

  Owner: For the specified apps, owners can see reports, create campaigns, edit app privileges of other staff users, add agency users and edit the reading privileges.

Member: Members can see reports and create campaigns for the specified apps.


Prohibited: Cannot see the specified apps/sites or create any campaigns.


User privileges for each app is "Owner" in case of Administrators. This cannot be changed.


Privileges Comparison Table            
User Management User privileges for each app Registering/Editing new users Seeing reports Registering
Editing app privileges for other staff users Adding agent
 users/Editing the reading privileges
Administrator -
Staff Owner ×
Member × × ×
Prohibited × × × × × 
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