[Segment ] Function Overview

We offer you "Segment Function" for the details of user trends.
This function is able to be used for user segmentations, understanding the segment trends, analysis (revenue, install dates and sources) based on extracted user IDs (IDFA / Google AID), and promotions.


■Creating segments
Enter specify sources, inactivity periods, purchase amount/timing and participation against an event in order to create segments.
ex. Users who have installed the app from Facebook / Twitter ads and spent more than 1,000.
After creating segments, reports for each segment and extraction of user IDs (IDFA / Google AID) can be performed.


[ Segment Summary ]

[ Create New ]

■Segment Reports
Reports for each segment will be displayed (DAU / Revenue / Paying Users / ARPU / ARPPU). Each segment and value are comparable.

■User distribution reports
We offer you distribution reports of paying users and user shift.

○Paying user distribution
User distribution will be displayed by using FQ and LTV.

○User shift distribution
LTV correlation of users who closed the app will be displayed.



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