How to run a Facebook campaign by multiple agencies

Set reading privileges of the campaign for each agency according to the following steps if the social network campaign (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) is run by multiple agencies.

The values of the campaign run by each agency will be displayed for each agency after the following settings are completed.

- Steps

1) Naming rules
For each agency, naming rules of the app campaigns should be set by Metaps side. Contact our consultant. The naming rules for each agency are basically the following.

i.e. )

Agency Account Name Naming Rules
Adways Inc. adways_
CyberAgent, Inc. cyberagent_
CyberZ, Inc. cyberz_
D2C R Inc. d2cr_
Digital Science Lab. Inc dsl_
SEPTENI CO.,LTD. septeni_
transcosmos inc. transcosmos_ 
UNITED, Inc. united_

*Alphabetical order

2) Submission to each network according to campaign naming rules
The naming rules set for each agency (1) should be applied to campaign names of media side to be submitted. Submit it after completing (1). Naming rules should be just applied to campaign names which are the first layer of media side. You can name anything for lower layer (Ads sets or creativities).

3) Giving reading privileges to agency users
Give reading privileges for Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to agency users on "Agency App Role Settings" page.

4) Displaying the campaigns only for the users who have the reading privilege
The campaigns will be displayed only for the users who have the reading privilege when users see social menu on Metaps Analytics.


- Use case

Case 1: An agency runs campaigns for the desired app
→ All campaigns can be seen without the above prefix settings. 

Case 2: Changing from one agencies to more than two agencies
→ The prefix settings are needed for each agency. Prefix should be applied to campaign names if the original agency still would like to see the existing campaigns.

Case 3: Changing from more than two agencies to one agency
→ Disable only the reading privileges (3) for the agencies. Keep the prefix settings for each agency.


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