Push Notification Feature

Push Notification is to send push notifications to the devices where your app is installed. Users receive the push notifications without opening the app. Push notification feature can be used to prevent churn and bring inactive users back from the dead. You can create segments and set the delivery timing on Metaps Analytics Dashboard. We provide Analytics for your push notifications on the report pages.

Preparation to use Push Notification

You need to integrate the SDK with your app and register the certificate to the dashboard to use the push notification feature. Refer to the SDK integration document and FAQ.

Create a Push Notification

Open "Action" > "Push" page and click "Register new".


Push Notification Setting


  • Push Name: Please set a name for this push notification
  • OS: Please choose the target OS
  • A/B Testing: Please choose to enable or disable A/B testing. If sending to a test device is selected, it is sent even if ratio is set to 50% ratio or not
  • Test Devices: Please choose to send only to test devices or not
  • Conversion Point (Optional): Conversion point cannot be set or change after push has been created



  • Send now
  • Schedule
  • Repeating Settings



Delivery Target:

  • All Users
  • Select from created segments
  • Specify Individual Users



  • Country: You can find users who installed the app from the specified country
  • Language: You can find users who set the specified language as the device


  • Campaign Groups: Use groups to target users who installed your app from a group of campaigns. You can select multiple campaigns into one group
  • Campaign: Campaigns are used to target users who installed your app from a specific campaign


  • Achievement: Gauge participation against an event
  • Purchase: Gauge spending against an event


  • Installs: You can find users who installed the app within the specified time period
  • Inactive: You can find users who have not accessed the app within the specified time period


  • Purchases Enabled: Specify the purchase amount


  • Title: Please choose the title of the push notification you want to send (Android only)
  • Message: Please set the message for the push notification
  • Custom Text: Please choose if you want a custom text
  • Sound: Please enable or disable push notification delivery sound
  • Channel: Choose a channel to send your Push Notification



Open "Action" > "Push" and click "Report".


Delivery Report


Settings of the Push Notification



  • Targeted Users: The amount of targeted users
  • Sent Push: The amount of sent push notifications to the targeted users
  • Open (Rate): The amount of the users who opened the push notifications
  • Direct Opens (Rate): The number (Rate) of users who tapped the push notification
  • Influenced Opens (Rate): The number (Rate) of users who opened the App within an hour after the Push Notification was sent
  • Conversions (Rate): The number (Rate) of users who have reached the conversion point after opening the push notification



We provide funnel analytics for "Targeted Users" > "Sent Push" > "Direct Opens" of the push notification.





We provide Analytics for the users who opened the push notification.
Open "Action" > "Push" > "Report" and click "Analytics".


Note: The definition of "Direct Opens (Rate)" is different from that on the Summary page

Direct Opens (Rate): The number of users who opened the App by tapping the Push Notification within an hour after receiving it

We provide the data of the users who opened the push notifications on the following report pages.

  • DAU
  • Revenue
  • ARPU
  • FQ
  • LTV
  • Retention


Use Case

By segmenting and scheduling, you can use the push notification feature:

  • Push notifications to inactive users for reengagement
  • Push notifications to new users for retention
  • Push notifications to all users periodically once a week

In addition, by conducting A/B tests and analyzing the users who opened the push notifications for each KPI, the push notifications can be optimized to be more effective.

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