Can you send Post-Install events to networks?

You can send Post-Install events (Event Postback) to network as long as the integration between Metaps and the network has been completed. Please contact us if you want to know about the integrated networks.

Events available to be posted back to networks

These events that you have set when integrating our SDK.

  • Open
  • Purchase
  • Custom

*Refer to the SDK integration documents for the details


1. Contact us with the following information

  • Desired App
  • Desired Network
  • Desired Events (Let us know "category, name" in case of custom event)

2. We check the network if it's been integrated for event postback

  • If it's been integrated, we start to work on setting events
  • If it's not been integrated, we start to work on setting events after completing the integration

3. The events will be posted back to the network after we finish the step 2.

It depends on networks. Please check here for UAC event postback.

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